1-on-1 Training w/ Alexander Fong
1-on-1 Training w/ Alexander Fong
1-on-1 Training w/ Alexander Fong
1-on-1 Training w/ Alexander Fong

1-on-1 Training w/ Alexander Fong

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Includes the following:

  • Custom nutrition plan: the plan is designed to YOU and YOUR body. It is written as a menu, giving you options for each meal. The plan is based on macro nutrients and overall caloric intake. The food options are created around foods you enjoy as well as nutrient dense foods. I not only want to give you results, but a plan that you ENJOY!

  • EBOOK: this is a 30+ page ebook full of information on nutrition and training along with your custom nutrition and custom workout plan. My goal with creating this ebook is to coach you step by step through everything as if I were there. I want you to feel like you know the ins and outs of your program so you can continue your progress further even after the 8 weeks. Treat this ebook as your “Fitness Manual”, continue to refer to overtime, and you will never fall off track again.

  • You will also receive our brand NEW Recipe Book! This is 15+ pages of tasty recipes. It will teach you how to incorporate your personal nutrition plan into each one of the recipes. There is also a "mocktail" drink section so you can enjoy a delicious drink without impacting your progress.
  • Text message access to me via WhatsApp to answer questions at any point

  • Check ins throughout the training to ensure you are always on track and making progress.

  • Payment plans are available!*




"Throughout the 20 weeks I have been working with Alex, I have learned so much about myself both physically and mentally. This prep has taught me so much about bodybuilding and has amplified my passion!"


"Thank you for giving me the confidence to get up on stage!"